Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Music to Forget the Pain by

Today I rose at a frighteningly early hour to drive a frighteningly long way to visit my non-frightening dentist to correct one frightfully unobtrusive dental crown without taking undue fright.

I opted for the mint nitrous oxide. The procedure went well. Human and temporary crown are doing well. I think I'll name it
Royal Crown Cola.

During the procedure, the dentist, a decent fellow with whom I went to high school, allowed me to get out my mp3 player and
pop in the earplugs. This made my visit entirely enjoyable, as ninety minutes of the ambient, chill, folk and minimalist Creative Commons music I favor these days, heard with the unique concentration that only a laughing gas dental visit affords,
proved a novel and interesting experience.

For me, the pieces that really stood out were 4th Alternative's "New Dawn", Verian Thomas' "Miniatures", Dava Sobel's "Berzelii Park", and Shockshadow's "Missing You".

But my question for you tonight is....

if you had 3 songs which you find completely soothing in your mp3 player, which three songs or pieces would they be?
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