Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

jazz trios

Today proved another busy road trip day--rising at four, catching a 6:30 a.m. flight, working intensely, and then catching a flight back out. In general, unconnected to work, I've got a mild case of that sheepish feeling that follows upon effusiveness. A never-ending tension arises between the desire to reach out and the inclination to stay pulled within--and yet these are not problems, but only pastimes.

I thought today of those little concerts one would go to see during childhood in a community theater program. The little town 16 miles down the road from us would have these traveling troupes--the German childrens' choir, the jazz band, the folk singer with the passionate voice and the somewhat ambiguous lyrics. Nobody quite famouse, everybody just slightly someone. I remember that first jazz concert I saw, in just such a program, when I was a young teen. Who was it? I don't remember. Perhaps the Art Porter Trio. I remember being very impressed with the whole endeavor, and in particular the drummer. Perhaps that predisposed me to grow to enjoy jazz later in life. I like the idea of little interconnections of a certain kind of culture--the culture of marionettes and folk singers, absurd home-made instruments and obscure piano improvisations. I understand these things, with their secret-garden allure.

Today was but Tuesday, and yet I feel a week has passed. I look forward to three hard but interesting days ahead.

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