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sheep in prada

Saturday I got up early and got some work done, and then enjoyed a day of rest. The weather turned from morning blue-sky-chill to afternoon gorgeous rain. I drove to the little indoor mall with a Garden Ridge, which, I believe, goes by the euphonious name Garden Ridge Center. Garden Ridge is a chain store that features plethoras of indoor and outdoor discount items, among which are prominent both things wicker and plants whose plasticity makes them only seem natural. I particularly favored the plastic cacti, although , if one must press me for my opinion, cactus is such a hardy plant it's hard to imagine needing it in an artificial form, sunlight I suppose excepting.

I like Garden Ridge as a walking zone because one sees lots of things one likes to look at there, but purchases are few and far between for me. It's not quite that way at the nearby 75% off bookstore. I like that in this shopping center an animal rescue group has animals available for adoption each Saturday. As I have been there for two weeks in a row, I am drawn to the smallish terrier who is on show right now. I suspect he is a ringer--someone easily adoptable, but quick to draw well-wishers to the old stand. I liked that each cat on display had a descriptive text about his/her personality.

We went to dinner with my brother and his son last night, at the local Pei Wei Asian chain outlet. I always get the Vietnamese chicken salad rolls there. I love salad rolls, simple and unadorned, with a winsome shrimp, but something in the Pei Wei ones cloys, such that two half-rolls of joy are always postceded by one half-roll of "enough is enough". I was so impressed that my brother's conversion to a healthy eating regime has resulted in twenty five pounds lost in reasonably short but sensible order. My nephew is at that 15ish age when he is apt to grow an inch when one looks away.

My on-line blitz chess continues to be a source of fun but not spiritual progress for me. I did my customary "change opening strategies" alteration, which usually has a short-term boost in results for me, not to mention a boost in fun. As always, though, my flaws in play really make the first twelve moves less relevant than the big picture.

I want to organize another chess tournament, as I have not run one since last year. I want this to be a day of very rapid chess--five minute tournaments, ten minute tournaments, and fifteen minute tournaments. Incongruously, maybe a folk singer or a film with the rented room at night. It pays to be eclectic in one's daydreams.

I wrote a fellow in Japan to thank him for posting a new free synthezer at He wrote back to me the simple reply:
"it is my fun". Meanwhile, I am focusing on finding an inexpensive notation program that hosts synthesizers. I used to favor Musedit, which is wonderful software for music notation, but is oriented to general MIDI only. I use now anvilstudio, which hosts synthesizers, but does not let me do chords with one-stroke, but instead requires me to "finger" the chords on a virtual keyboard. I'd like a one-stop solution, although it's no great hardship to shift between programs. Still, Genie Soft has something that may work for only forty dollars, so I am debating options.

Last night we watched the DVD of The Devil Wears Prada, which we enjoyed. Meryl Streep's performance did justify her nomination, but Stanley Tucci's work reminded me how much I enjoy a solid character actor doing a proper comic turn. Today in Sunday School they talked about the 23rd Psalm, and the sheep-like nature of people somehow connected to the film for us.

Today the sky is blue but the weather is very cold. The breeze bites, and the Italian greyhound down the way takes his walks in a simple racing jersey.

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