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andy hardy time, or the sounds of old t. rex

Hey, kids....let's start a band! Get some guy who's a really dextrous keyboard player, buy him some really primitive synths, treat him as if he were the lead guitarist, give him a hundred solos, rearrange a buncha classical pieces as if they were rock songs, get some guy to write a buncha really grandiose, cynical lyrics so's folks will know we're intellectuals, get some guy with a really histrionic voice from an incarnation of some band like King Crimson to sing, and make sure the drummer has a huge gong behind his drum kit and more drums than an orc legion all around him, and make sure we have a piano which spins in mid-air. Wouldn't that be cool? Let's do it!

Oh, wait, they had a band like that....Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Never mind.
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