Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sleet day

The weather forecast "snow showers today" sounds much better to me than the actual light sleet which falls. Lake Lavon progressed from 16 feet below its normal level last Thursday, to 10.5 feet below its level on this morning. If we can get a few more solid bits of precipitation, our crippling drought will be over.

Today I'd enjoy watching old movies, as winter weather days remind me of days off school. We had a sled when I was a child that we'd get to use one or two days a year. I'm a bit older, now--one of my nephews just turned 15. An English black and white film called "London Belongs to Me" is playing on the television now. It's one of those small ensemble films, based on a small, ensemble novel, that always appeals to me--provided the melodramatic climax is not too melodramatic.

Today I have much to do, and little time for small films. But I am armed with a new electric razor, a burst of undefined good will, and a sprig of genuine fondness for our light dose of winter. Yet, in my mind, I'm sitting on a folding chair, on a particular remote floating fishing pier I saw last Summer on Lake Hugo, in Oklahoma, and it's 75 degrees, and the bluegill are caught, and released. Perhaps that is for April, if things work out that way.

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