Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ice storm day

Last night the predicted hard freeze finally arrived. The streets this morning looked like they arrived, in constrast to the fog, on cubes of rock salt, but the rock salt was the cubic zirconium we call ice.

The most challenging part of my morning commute was getting into my car, as the doors were frozen shut. Eventually, though, I got in through a back door, rolled in to my office at 20 m.p.h. among astonishingly sensible fellow drivers, and spent a productive day working. Because the roads were predicted to go bad again this evening, I left at a moderate hour. The roads turned out to be fine, so I took the time saved and spent it at the Allen Natatorium, swimming in the Lazy River, and doing backstrokes up and down the leisure pool.

I've been awakened by dreams for two nights in a row. In one dream, the post-Charlotte's-web dream, a huge spider, venomous by nature, was about to bite me. In another, two weeks after our gator viewing in Aransas National Wildlife Reserve, a huge alligator threatened my wife and I, but elected to chase me. I suppose the great virtue of such dreams is that when one awakes, they turn out to have only been dreams. I believe that the anxiety that I theorize prompted those dreams has now passed.

verian suggested I sign up for Skype, which I did, but now I must figure out how to use it. I suppose headsets will be involved. Also, my dream of hooking my mp3 player up to my car stereo might not require a full car stereo, if I can find the right adapter. On the other hand, car stereos are not expensive.

I heard from a law student I know in the east who told me of his improved grades during the first semester of 2L, which took me back to the days of law school when all those things mattered far too inordinately. I got an e-mail inviting me to join a high school classmate's internet group, which reminded me that this year will be my thirty year anniversary, which jars only in that some of my Livejournal friends are thirty years old or less.

I paid a small sum to buy a new softsynth plug-in. I was hoping for melodic drone, but in fact I got what I suppose I'd call "phat throb", which sounds, on reflection, not that different, but in fact is far from the same. I want to find more softsynths, as I am getting a nice assortment together, but could stand more diverse sounds. I have had fun morphing a zither sample. "Tallgrass Canticle" makes mild progress, having crossed 100 EP downloads. My next one will be called "Feeder Guppy Rescue League". I have three pieces done, but I will do a dozen or so more.

"What happens to a dream deferred?", Langston Hughes asked. Can you think of any dreams you deferred? What happened?

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