Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dreaming about charlotte

The temperature hovered just above freezing, as the promised winter storm paused before its next round began. We'd cancelled dinner plans with friends in light of the threatened ice. We realized eventually, though, that any ice will harden much later, if at all. Winter in my childhood always worked that way--the narrow difference between 33 degrees and 31 degrees meant everything in terms of days off school and snowflake fun.

We made use of our freedom, by going to a late showing of "Charlotte's Web". It's a charming movie. This week I've had a lot of work demands, and two or three bouts of usefully-applied-but-nonetheless-sleepless insomnia. I slept through key portions of the movie, although it was not the sleep of the lost, but the sleep of someone who fades in and out, experiencing the movie as I slept. There are worse ways to watch a movie than in one's sleep.

Perhaps tomorrow we awake to ice. Perhaps tomorrow we awake to merely wet streets. We will take tomorrow with gratitude for whichever thing it brings to us, and then, if time permits, we'll take Monday and the succeeding days that way, too.

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