Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

simple pleasures

I take some needless pride in being easily amused. Yet I love that things so often prove pleasantly amusing.

Corpus Christi has a wonderful South Texas Botanical Garden, which features not only a charming orchid house, but vast stretches of wetland with birds and cool wildlife footprints.

The rental car satellite radio played Berlioz as we ferreted out our midwestern-snowbird-abundant 'resort', which might also have been termed a "motel by the sea".

We dined at an authentic fish boil place. Zydeco music, bibs, and, instead of plates, butcher paper onto which was literally dropped shrimp, crab legs, red beans and rice, new potatoes and corn. We watched the cable TV, which showed the movie in which Reese Witherspoon is a ghost, except not really.

The wind howled outside our hotel on a summer-warm winter's night, a pleasing sound.

The way to the island of Port Aransas is a free car ferry, which crosses a tiny stretch of water, while pelicans fly and dolphins rise and submerge regularly.

We arrived at the port just as a four-hour fishing party boat was leaving. The weather was in the 70s' but windy and non-optimum for fishing. We caught nothing,but the other kind folks on what proved to be a congenial boat caught and released several inedible catfish, a tiny stingray and a crab. Things worked as they should--the various kids each caught fish.

We mostly enjoyed seeing pelicans, shrimp boats, plethoras of dolphin, and gulls. The somber fog-colors appeal to me.

I liked the fellow who knew what he was doing, but never felt the need to criticize anyone else, and his young son, who caught the most fish, but also gave back to the sea his personal excalibur, a fishing knife gone overboardd during an over-aggressive lean to see another fellow reel in another inedible catfish.

We stopped at the Port Aransas birding center, an open marsh with a boardwalk, where we saw ibis, a gaggle of gorgeous roseate spoonbill, and nimble terns.

We went for dinner to a shoreside restaurant, where I dined on fresh flounder and my wife ate the meaty curiousity which is grilled amberjack. After the dietary mild excess of the prior fish boil day, we enjoyed the healthy heartiness of our second seafood meal.

Tomorrow, a huge storm blows in. Sunday, we are scheduled to see more birds, as when one is here, birds are simply irresistible. This is a much-needed rest, even if my binocular digicam likes to reset its cheap flash memory every time I have a particularly memorable tern "on board". Perhaps it was such a good buy on eBay for a reason. Thank goodness for the twenty dollar childrens' digicam, and the throwaway from the dollar store.

I have good books, 48 Creative Commons songs on my mp3 player, and every prospect of an exciting weekend ahead.

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