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boxing day/work day

I returned to my office today, after yesterday's impressive turkey meal. When I arrived at work, I found that the portion of our outdoor sign that says "Attorneys and Counsellors at Law" now says the phrase from a ground-based locale. Apparently, Garland had a bit of breeze while I was gone.

Two of my partner's grandchildren came to visit our office, with their parents, and I had my usual surge of hope and optimism when such cool people continue to reforest the earth. I had an Utne Reader from a few months ago to read at lunch, and I made a mental note to make 2007 a time when I purchase more "fair trade" goods. I tend to favor voluntary purchase over legislative protectionism, but I am all for ways to get money directly into the artisans' and laborers' hands when possible. It's not so much that I abhor distribution systems, as they have a purpose and a place. As a consumer, though I want to make my dollars spend the way I want things to happen, sometimes.

I am working tomorrow, on a number of projects worthy and weighty. Thursday we depart to a land of whooping cranes and sea trout. I have fond memories of winter fishing off the piers in southern California; we'll see if a different coast holds as much pleasure for me.

NSI continues to prove an initial success, as people turn out in pleasing numbers to obtain our releases, and the first solid trickles of podcasts here and there have been satisfying. I'm eager to release new material of my own in January, although my download traffic on my last release remains sufficiently steady to make me wonder if I should wait.

I have now mailed off >80% of my holiday cards, having run out of energy on 12/22, but not having run out of desire. I figure by New Year's I'll be on to 2007. I received a fun video card from a law firm, which I thought a good idea. I like the idea of video transmissions these days. I received for xmas a USB graphic pen, so that I make drawings for animations without the need to resort to the cumbers of a mouse.

I am reading George Meredith's Richard Feverell, his mildly experimental first novel. The wordplay and gentle satire keep the work amusing. I browsed a Leonard Maltin movie guide, and made a mental note to watch once again Silent Running an elegiac and sad science fiction fable about vanishing nature, with a great soundtrack. I was surprised when the index to the book chronicled the filmography of numerous modern actors but not of Robert Donat.

The sale catalogs arrived with the Sunday paper, like telegraph signals from cities never visited. The Belk sale of 50% off everything I could ever want sounded cool, but I was surprised that the Fry's sale page, usually an electronics harvest, read surprisingly like business as usual. The sales are largely of academic interest, however, as I do not plan to do much post-holiday shopping right now.

I love the viral nature of the internet. I sent off to someone a list of 10 songs from that I enjoy, and that kind soul then created a webjay playlist of the songs and put it up on I wish I had had the consideration to build the webjay myself.

Our dogs are sprung from the kennel, if only for a while, and they report that they are as much fun as ever.

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