Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Christmas Eve Comic

In my family, we celebrate Christmas Eve somewhat like the German strain of my English/Scots Irish/German roots. We have a steak dinner, and then Santa arrives. Santa's arrival is always heralded by the ringing of a large-ish school bell.
My sister and her husband joined my father and his wife, my wife and I for this
holiday, with the various eligible children being assorted this year to various
ex'es in other locales.

I asked, among other things, for a fun tie, and I received one with an elegant tropical fish pattern. I asked my father to take a digicam picture with that tie and a dress coat, as I want a new one for various website uses. Although my poses came out rather wooden, I took this one, applied the fx called "comic book", and share with you my Christmas Eve 2006:

We had a wonderful evening, and now, as is customary, we will all chat a bit and then somewhat go our separate ways. My father looks dashing in his gift from my father's wife--an authentic Civil War officer's uniform.

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