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rainy days always get me high

Two July rainy days in north Texas. The Kingdom of Heaven must be at hand. I've been more productive than [supply industrious animal metaphor here]. I've decided today that human psychology is not one of my fields of expertise--maybe THAT's why intro to psych. bored me so much in college. I did much better in literature; maybe I'll stick to reading, writing and nodding appreciatively.

The Vivendi situation seems to show that the problem in financial matters is not confined to just corporate America. It's early days yet, but the financial markets are going to be very interesting as more revelations emerge on more companies over the next few months. If restated balance sheets did not equate to immediate layoffs, I would not be as concerned for everyday folks. Unfortunately, large corporations don't just stew in their own juices--they make marinade for everyone. Small busineses, by contrast, work in relative thimbles of joy.

But today I'm more attuned to dark skies and cooler temperatures than to white hot corporate heat. I hope for good weather, so long as that means rain.
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