Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Twas 3 days before Christmas

Today I took the day off so that we could go to the movies. Our original plan featured a morning movie and an afternoon movie, but by the afternoon, visions of last-minute holiday errands danced in our heads like sugar plums.

We did go to the 10:40 a.m. showing of "The Nativity Story" movie, which proved to be a very good movie. Then we went to Elke's for lunch, where I had a turkey sandwich, steamed vegetables and the barest sampling of a leg of a gingerbread man. In the afternoon, I packaged one half of my holiday cards, and got them to the little "branch-post-office-nobody-knows-is-there-because-it-is-hidden-in-a-store-so-no-waiting-and-tremendous-service" mailing outlet, where I got them in the "better late than never" post. I am tonight addressing my remaining half of the cards. As always, I have far more cards than recipients, and as always, I am not worried about reciprocation. If you failed to see my original poll on 12/8, but would enjoy receiving a card,
your enjoyment will be provided for if you fill out the poll even at this near-holiday moment. I think there is something charming about holiday cards which arrive in January. The place to get your name added to the list, without perspective to naughtiness or niceness is:

back at the poll in this post.

No pressure, no hassle, no worries, and no need, because everyone should have the right to politely and silently decline.

Tonight we went to Ralph and Kacoo's, a seafood place, where I had salad without dressing, steamed vegetables and grilled corvina sin beurriere,
giving me a sense of inner virtue out of proportion to the merits of my choices. I fired up the spinning disco ball I got for a dollar at Dollar Tree last weekend, and I have hours of fun ahead.

We drive tomorrow to my father's home in Arkansas, where the holidays will be celebrated in grand style. I did everything today but take a long walk, and I will remedy that tomorrow. I have an mp3 player full of Creative Commons tunes, including the new Psonikadia EP, which is quite good.

I soon will be shifting gears into "things I have learned mode"--you know, the life lessons such as "when Kasi, Kassiday, Roisonne and Maya all leave you myspace friends requests at the same time, they don't really want to be your friend"--although even such inanities do help one remember that even the plainest platonic soul with kindness, a brain and imagination surpasses even the silliest display of webcam-luring "Mischa wants to be your friend". The brisk black market in human loneliness continues unabated, but I find myself neither a buyer nor a seller.

We dine tomorrow with my friend Gene in Texarkana, and then we see my father and his wife tomorrow afternoon. We see my sister and her husband tomorrow.
This is the great joyous marketplace of family I prefer to inhabit.

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