Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Holiday Consolations and Ruminations

1. There are 12 days of Christmas for a reason, but I take great hope in the 12 days for a different reason. Fail to get that package or card in the mail? No problem! It'll arrive when lords are a'leapin'! In my case, the packages may arrive when Marches are Ide-ing, but that's okay, too!

2. For that matter, everyone loves a happy New Year card, and yet nobody's bumper sticker says "Stand up for New Year's!". For that matter, people love a stray early January card, not to mention a Martin Luther King day card. There is never a time too late to mail a card.

3. I saw a kitten called Potato today in a pennysaver. She is six months old, and lives in a Fort Worth animal shelter. Her picture was adorable, and it's December. I'll bet she finds a home.

4. There is almost no amount of family dysfunction that can trump a favored song, a favored soft drink, and a favored book in a quiet corner.

5. There is no disgrace in being unable to eat the luxuriant gifts of chocolate and pecans. It's indeed better to give them away, as the gift can cause such joy to give and so many pounds to receive.

6. The news may bewail slow retail Christmas seasons, but I don't bewail pre-Christmas sales offering major discounts. It's all perspectrive.

7. I like the idea that each winter-region faith featured a display of green near Solstice. Life among desolation, hope among bleak times.

8. In five quiet moments of thought one can find a holiday in almost any setting.

9. It doesn't matter. Whatever that daily worry is doesn't matter. Real issues of life and death and love and hope confront one every day, like a Salvation Army ringer. Let the little things go. They don't even signify anything.

10. When I hunt a place of peace, I read Goodbye, Mr. Chips. You may listen to Mahler, or telephone a friend. What's cool is that most of us can identify it--"geeky way to say, it, yeah, but this is my place of peace"

11. Doctrines never loved anybody. People love people.

12. It's entirely fine that the holiday season is too fraught with fraughtness for some people. We keep our holidays to the extent they work for us, an discard them to the extent they don't. All we are seeking (that odd pop song said saying) is a way to give peace a chance.

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