Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

among the machines

Today I alternated between hard work and miniature golf, with the work winning the election with a commending majority of my time. I also spent time with a teen nephew in a mini-golf-and-go-kart-why-do-they-call-it-Malibu-when-it-looks-like-prairie emporium's video machine arcade, guided by a simple bit of dogma: "Fun? It's not about fun. It's about tickets. It's about winning enough tickets to get something better from the prize desk than a kazoo".

We skee-balled vigorously, but the tickets did not flow like wine. Then we found the machine in which the token is dropped down a rather hip runway, and one is awarded the number of the tickets equal to the number of the slot on a spinning wheel through which the token passes. My nephew had unique dexterity at this machine, which will no doubt serve him in good stead should he ever toss a nickel onto a cigar box in a Twilight Zone episode.

When we went to the desk, and put our new-found ticketed wealth in the hands of a kind attendant who ran them through a hyper-electronic ticket counter, we found tha rather than the 2,300 tickets we needed to win a stuffed tiger, or even the 600 tickets we needed for a kite, we had between us but 425 tickets.

I revel in my new-found paper airplane glider, returning bouncing ball, and a world of "wait until next time!" arcade enthusiasm more fervent than being even a Cubs fan.

Tomorrow is yet another next time for work. I love having meaningful work to do, but it is an occupational hazard that sometimes I must work weekends to do it.

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