Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

15 notions

1. The idea of a "going out of business" sale at a Dollar General is wonderful, but 20 percent off one dollar still leaves a balance due of 80 cents. Discounts of scale, and all that.

2. I would rather watch the half hour of the "making of The Grinch who Stole Christmas" than the "making of" track of virtually any art film DVD.

3. I long to walk in the Spring Creek preserve in a winter woodland devoid of leaves but filled with robins.

4. I love that in my current firm, the "year end partner's meeting" takes less than one hour to complete, and involves no internecine struggles.

5. I love that picture they keep showing of the newly-discovered crab with a seriously cashmere woolly aspect.

6. I question whether the space shuttle program deserves prolongation. It's not been a success. I prefer booster rockets for manned flights, and endless Hubble expeditions.

7. If I could be any scientist, I would be a myrmecologist, studying ants.

8. It's telling, somehow,that Bob Dylan at Budokan really doesn't work, but Cheap Trick at Budokan really does.

9. It's time to recharge my mp3 player with new Creative Commons materials, and psonikadia left me a myspace commment that he has a new release. It's great when talented people leave you myspace comments about music they created.

10. Myspace today also brought far grimmer news. Kristy Kruger, a local Garland/Dallas product gone west, who sings Americana like there is no tomorrow, lost a brother, a Lieutenant Colonel, a few weeks ago in Iraq. The NPR radiocast her myspace bulletin linked to was both very human, a bit touching, and very sad. It's so easy to treat one's life as hermetically sealed from such things--but they are all around us, every day. I don't know Kristy and did not know her brother, and don't want to claim any ownership of her grief at all (as I have a revulsion for the idea of inserting myself into anyone's tragedy as if it were my own), but it does make one pause even from this distant remove. This has been a week of sad news and senseless things.

11. I would like a kaleidoscope which records digital camera pictures while being used as binoculars, but science never keeps up with my whimsy.

12. I woke at 3 a.m., after a dream in which modern science had figured out a way to resurrect my mother for a finite period of time from the dead. I stayed awake, not out of fright, but because my dog Ted was loudly chewing a big dental chew toy.

13. I do not always hate the sound of my own voice. Is this maturity, or a tin ear?

14. I love Boston Market, and so often eat a 5 oz. roast turkey, new potatoes, steamed vegetables, and a piece of cornbread--7 points, and a joy forever.

15. I am going to learn to draw better doodles.

Bonus: I want to take a one-day craft class in something/anything.
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