Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

An appeal

Yesterday I was in Radio Shack, and they had a 9 dollars and 99 cent portable 60x microscope, a little hand-held jobbie not much bigger than the palm of my hand, which has one knob that says "focus" and another knob that allows one to zoom from 60x to 100x. I've enjoyed already looking at wood grains, at a leaf, and at print. I'm intrigued at how print, so regular from afar, is actually a bit of a jumble of rod and line when viewed at ink level.

Each year I rather like to send something for the holidays. Sometimes it is a card. One year it was a kazoo CD. I have not had my five minutes of inspiration and one hundred five minutes of perspiration this year, but I will soon. I celebrate the holiday Christmas, although I rather dislike the buttons I see everywhere about putting the CHRIST into Christmas, partly because I note that consumerism traditionally puts the mas into Christmas, and partly because my vague memory is that "Xmas" resulted not from a desire to eradicate religious content from Christmas, but instead from a desire not to take the term Christ in vain. I must wikipedia all that some day.

In any event, at one time or another, I have had many of your snail mail addresses. They no doubt reside on abandoned hard drives, in old journal polls, and throughout the universe, merging into supernovas, because all elecronic mail is made of stars.

Stated simply, though, you deserve a fresh start. You deserve to receive something in the mail from someone who desperately wants to send you something. It may be a dollar store prepackaged card, it may be something quirky, it may arrive on January 12. The only thing one can say for certain is that I will need you to fill in your address below, and then your mailbox will runneth over. Don't think about obligations or reciprocity or hassle--I am not about any of those things.
Feel free to leave alternative addresses, as I have never seen any virtue in using this weblog as some form of skip-tracing device.

But do share your address, so that I might share with you a simple non-sequitur:

Poll #884489 The Amazingly Fun and Satisfying Write Your Address Game!

Please write a good address for you here, even if I should have your address 3 times over already, and you have to hunt and peck to type.


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