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a cool day in July

Last night's rains left us with an unseasonably pleasant first of July. I hope this weather holds out, as July 1 usually marks the beginning of long, hot 100 degree days. It is now two years since we moved back to Texas. When we arrived back, a drought meant that no rainy days ever provided grace from the pounding sun. This summer may be much nicer.

Yesterday we went to see "About a Boy". I really liked this movie.
I like small films that tackle straightforward points in reasonably light-touch ways, and this film scored on that count. It's kinda like how I love the movie Gandhi, but actually prefer the movie "Year of Living Dangerously" to make some of the same points. To me, for instance, "The Winslow Boy" is a nearly perfect film. But tastes vary, and today I don't propose to account for mine. I realized that I have enjoyed two Hornby movie-films. I suppose I should actually read the Hornby books.

Finished Snow's Two Cultures book. I was particularly struck by Snow's theory in 1959 that by the year 2000, economic disparity between rich and poor would be largely eliminated. His theory proceeded from the idea that once poor people understood that richesse was achievable, they would tolerate no further inequality. Snow's optimism in that time and place seems so post-WW II Labour and so 1950s "sci fi mindset" to me now. I enjoyed his essays very much, though. I should perhaps wing it over to gregwest98 to get his take on whether science folk and literature folk really think differently, except that I know already that both he and I think that they do. I waver a bit on this point, though, so it's good to dredge it about inside a bit.

I mailed off an odd thing in an odd box to an odd little mail art call. My odd thing was more a matter of assembly than creation, so it fit my art skills (i.e., none) to a "t". I also got the postal people to take for mailing an envelope containing pigri's little booklet project, which is winging itself to another town in Texas located using the postcardx random address function. I have gotten nice things from postcardx folks lately, including particularly some tasty Japanese candy, and a neat paper airplane from polarbird as documentation for his recent penguin show. When I look at the works of mine posted on the web as "on line" documentation, I realize that indeed as an artist I am a very good hiker. The one I did for "The Chemistry Set" one by dystatic gets extra points for clueless pursuit of an easy mail art call with a uselessly primitive artwork [title: "the Alchemy of Playdough"]. It's been grand fun, though. Now I must get that book redecorated for my poem book exchange. If I write that in my journal enough times, I may actually scrape off the failed first decorative try, and try again. Isn't that a life theme? Scrape it off, and try again. I used to love that line from the TV show Rawhide's theme song:

"Don't try to understand 'em, just rope and thrown and brand 'em,
heading for the end of the line",

and it still resonates for me years later.

I found a book I was supposed to review some months ago, so I am
lost in Baja California by proxy. I also want to be lost in outer space with the rest of that wonderful sci fi mag issue, so I plan to travel to forbidden planets and forbidding deserts.

We've made no plans for the fourth of July. Perhaps a nice dawn hike would be in order. I'm in the mood to find a few ways of escape, preferably tree-lined.

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