Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Properly Pronouncing P Pleasures

microbie, who's a really cool person, assigned me a letter in a meme. It's not one of those corrosive memes, or one of those memes that causes consternation. It's a good meme.

In this meme, she assigned me a letter of the alphabet, and I must write down ten things I love which begin with that letter. I think this is healthy, because it's good to think positively about things I love from time to time. I find that I have more than enough knack at exploring unloved things to ensure equanimity.

My ten things begin with the letter "p". They are:

1. planetariums--the only thing better than the sight of the galaxies is the sight of their
simulations on an artificial starfield;

2. prisms--they refract,they diffuse, they distort, they amuse, they amaze.

3. parents--I had two darn good ones, and they helped me have a happier childhood

4. planaria--why did all those old-fashioned science books keep insisting we grow them on old soup bones and then slice them in two? It all seemed a bit odd to me.

5. platies--the Chevy Impala of tropical fish. Livebearing, gorgeous and yet just a bit lovely becuase they are just a bit predictable.

6. pearls--I am never sure which I like better--to see a string of well-assembled freshwaters displayed appropriately on the appropriate person, or the satisfying thunk when one finds a tiny one while consuming a fried oyster

7. pianos--toy pianos, to be precise. I was rendered immune to piano through years of lessons, but I still long, a little, for keyboard fever

8. plesiosaur--of all the dinos in my mind, this one is quirky all the time

9. Parker Posey--perfectly plucky poise personified

10. poetry--I like mine free, or a little blank, but lately I realize rhymes are relevant

If you did not watch enough Sesame Street in your youth, and you would like a letter, do drop me a line in the comments.

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