Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

three away

This week they say that balmy days fade away by week's end into winter nights. I had a quiet day yesterday, with the highlight being a walk around the little park pond. I had good news at Weight Watchers--I lost three pounds during Thanksgiving week. This places me at 78 pounds lost overall since May 2005, and it also places me three pounds from my goal weight. In the time since last Thanksgiving, I have lost over 30 pounds. I am at the point in which it all comes a good bit more slowly than in the heady early days, but I have every optimism that by the end of March I'll have achieved my goal of hitting the target weight and then maintaining for the six week period required to be a "lifetime member" in the Weight Watchers program. We'll see.

Our cable company recently added the Bravo channel, no doubt to make up for some essential channel they removed. I like Bravo, and in particular I've enjoyed the holiday weekend reruns of Project Runway. I wish I had some skill or craft like the ability to make clothes or quilts or play an instrument. I admire stick-to-it-tive-ness.

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