Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Simple thanks

I have so many things to be thankful for this year, which I think about when Thanksgiving week arrives.

Rather than iterating my own particular litany, however, which is no more fascinating than anyone else's, I wanted to instead open a space for others to offer their thankful moments. I dislike ground rules, as you know, and therefore, in an act of arbitrary contrariness, offer a few:

a. your thankful moment should not involve anything or anyone on LiveJournal. Let's take as read that weblogs involve their own particular blessings.

b. your thankful moment may be posted anonymously, omninously, or omnivorously if you wish.

c. if you do not recognize the concept of "thankfulness", then post instead things in your life that make you pleased that they are in your life.

d. list as many as you like or as few, but do list in the positive sense, rather than list like a ship gone off mooring.

So please, indulge me, and give thanks here:
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