Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Museum day

My front yard, November 18

Today I rose early and watched an exciting and energizing video legal seminar about legal ethics. I must ask my kind readers to accept on faith that legal seminars sometimes fail to excite and energize. I considered this a near-ideal way to begin my day.

My wife and I headed out at noon to go to downtown Dallas. We first stopped in the McKinney District, just uptown of downtown, at S & D Oyster restaurant. I had a rich, vibrant gumbo, while my wife ate grilled flounder, in a crowded restaurant of chatting oyster-lovers. The flounder required more time to flound than I prefer, but the food proved so good I forgave the delay.

We then headed to the Dallas Musuem of Art for the Van Gogh exhibition. The exhibit was called "Sheaves of Wheat", and focused on the art about wheat fields in late 19th Century France.
The exhibit impressed us. The artists covered a broad mix of work from 1860 to 1913, with ample explanation of the art devoted to drawing peasants. I liked the Millets and the Bretons, as well as a charming Mondrian. Van Gogh's pieces "Wheat Field with Reaper" and "Wheat Field" both lived up to billing.

I almost missed some of the Van Goghs. As we exited the musuem, I mentioned to my wife how odd I thought that so few Van Goghs were on offer among the plethora of other artists' works, given that this was a Van Gogh exhibition. We soon worked out I had missed three entire walls in a center inset, and went back to the museum to remedy that. My wife laughed at me, because she knows that is how I am sometimes.

We then went to the nearby Trammell Crow collection of Asian art. It featured a Tibetan exhibit from the Newark museum. I found these pieces fascinating, and the Trammell Crow itself, a compact, charming free museum, a complete delight. I spent what must have been 20 minutes watching old black and white footage of Mr. Cutting's visit to Tibet in the 1920s.

We then came home and walked the dogs, noticing, with delight, that our native flower survived the chill, and thrive once more. We eat salmon tonight. I hope to see leonid meteors late tonight.

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