Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


Tonight the very mildly chilly weather turned very mildly mild.

I put the leash on young Bea and stalwart Teddy, and we intrepidly walked in the darkness to our favorite Glendover Pond.

Dogs have an inherent advantage during such walks, as their sense of smell seems to aid them in night walks far more than my sense of stars.

We saw no leonid shooting stars, though we did see a basset hound which caused Teddy and Bea to see stars.

Then my wife and I sat down to a dinner of mahi mahi cooked with cherry tomatoes and a very green cooked spinach.

I see that November is nearly over, and yet I am still 180 points from my goal of having a blitz chess rating at the Free Internet Chess Server of 1600 by 12/31/06. I must either have a winning streak, or face up to my limitations. I plan to stay the course.

I received in the mail my eBay purchase of the Japanese film "after life". I had wanted to see this in the theater when we lived in Los Angeles, many moons and a governor or two ago. I could never remember its name--but then I did, and now I have it, and I will watch it, and I'm in Heaven.

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