Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

kite day

This morning the wind gusts with the dozens of miles an hour vigor that the weatherpeople faithfully promised us would happen. In our county, people sometimes invoke the "windier city than Chicago" as if it were a red badge of courage, never, of course, pointing out that it is probably less windy here than many parts of North Dakota, not to mention less tropical than Costa Rica.

I love our late Autumn and Winter. We have four seasons,but they do not include long, vivid cold days, but only harsh cold snaps and a snowfall or two each year. It's a place and time of sturdy kites in alarmingly blue skies.

I'm a bit buffeted this week by an abundance of things to do on my plate. I'm grateful, I suppose, for the tempering that a little breeze of this nature provides. Yet I'm ready to put on one of those windbreaker jackets metaphorically,and rest.

We're inclined to go away for the New Year's, and the dilemma presents--to a cold climate, a hot climate or a local climate? I have this morning a vision of myself on the rather purple-tinged giant Enchanted Rock, in the Texas Hill Country, which looks, in person, rather like the largest bit of bazooka chewing gum ever chewed. Then again, the seaport town Rockport beckons, as does the idea of trying out snowshoes and the alternative idea of going to a Central American forest with birds and butterflies. Of course, there is a great deal to be said for New Year's at home,
visiting museums which are lightly attended, and going for frequent swims at the natatorium.

Today, though, I've a November's day to accomplish, and not a leisure day. I'll shoulder the burden as best as I can, trudging into the wind, perhaps, like a kite, going a bit aloft as I sail.


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