Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Lisa DeBenedictis--Tigers

My favorite contemporary alternative pop singer is Lisa DeBenedictis. She writes quiet, gorgeous songs with dark lyrics and the cloudy-clear eyes of the dreamland pragmatist. Lisa graciously releases work with Creative Commons licenses, and wonderful remixes by other artists result.

I've been fairly singularly unable to remix Lisa, because my piano and arranging skills are the most meager of my many meager lacks, musically. Fortunately, I believe in the concept of the work-around--doing what little my skills permit, rather than wallowing in my lack. This weekend, I created a different kind of remix. I went through the search engine at, found photographs from artists on Flickr dot com who post creative commons photos for others to use, and assembed
a music video for Lisa's gorgeous song "Tigers" off her second album, conveniently enough also named "Tigers". It's a song about what it's like to realize that a relationship you once loved very much is over. Lisa weaves a skillful story, using the disappearance of tigers, of all things, as her central metaphor.

I am very pleased with the resulting music video, a story in stills. Please come join me in experiencing:

the Lisa DeBenedictis--"Tigers" music video

I am grateful that great photographers put such wonderful images into the Creative Commons, making this type of adventure possible and satisfying. Needless to say, I'm grateful to Lisa for such a cool song, off a very cool album.

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