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I enjoy Dava Sobel's song Berzelii Park so much that I did a ccmixter remix of the folk-ambient piece. I called the result Parque Dava Sobel. I added the two things I often add--beats and birdsong. I tend to prefer beatless ambience and chill to beats (although light minimal downtempo/tech beats appeal to me, but I never have good samples for those), but I remixed them in anyway.

We watched the movie "An Unfinished Life" on the DVD tonight, and enjoyed it. It made me long to be in Wyoming, which I have visited, or a Dakota, which I have not, or even in Saskatchewan. I'll settle instead tomorrow for the park pond one town up, where the sights will feature no mountains nor sweeping skies, but might feature a great blue heron if one is particularly quiet.

Just before the movie came on, that Jennifer Love Hewitt was on with her show about being a ghost whisperer. Everyone is a whisperer these days. I rather like the way the years are being kind to her in a way other than the "classic without a flaw beauty" way. I find I am not a whisperer--things don't beck to my charming, still call. But I found low-fat animal crackers today, and whispered to them, in a way, and perhaps that counts.

I have been playing tonight with my can-jo. My recording of an original melody leaves me with a less than fulfilled feeling, but being able to plink out Joy Division's "She's Lost Control" gives me no end of, well, joy, which is inappropriate, I know, but there you are, really. Youtube taught me what a frail life Ian Curtis' was even before it became too frail. Insupportable challenges and constant suffering--so many hurdles to overcome. We find our grace not in our impervious perfection but in keeping the faith despite the flaws.

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