Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

The Netlabel Launches--Open Source Music

Today verian and I launched a netlabel, the Negative Sound Institute. At our netlabel, five releases are posted, under Creative Commons licenses. People can visit our site, download what they wish, share what they download as they wish, and pay nothing for anything they wish. It's all free--in the Creative Commons.

The five releases thus far include a collaboration album by the collaboration Verian and I do, called the Thomas Nunnally Ensemble, a release by Verian of some wonderful experimental piano pieces, my own album which remixes gorgeous ambience by French artist Fabien Claudel, entitled "A Texas Christmas Holiday with Zikweb Travel", a set of pieces by Dava Sobel, which is just beautiful music, and akhliber's intriguing Closet Ballerinas project.

I'm excited to get this off the ground. I do not see it as a replacement for my current recording activities on DiSFish records, but as a fun side venture. We don't plan to focus on any one form of music, but on what intrigues us.

Our marketing blurb begins with a cool coincidence--today is also the day the Sistine Chapel began. All the ceiling painting for this one has really been done by verian, but I'm excited to be a co-founder of this fun new venture.

I'd love it if you stopped by an checked it out. My own solo album, which features the twenty three minute bit of symphonic ambience "Galveston Island in December", is located

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