Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

four dollar fix

Some time ago, I noticed that my car's radio reception tailed off considerably. Some days the reception approached normal,but other days only a station or two came in clearly. With remarkable insight, I deduced that the absence of my car's antenna contributed to its poor antenna reception.
I realized that some miscreant had made off with my antenna.

Among my shortcomings is an obliviousness to simple ways to improve my personal comfort and ease.
Yesterday I resolved to stop accepting sub-standard radio reception. I discovered that an O'Reilly's Auto Parts was located next to a place I go for Sunday meetings.

The man behind the counter seemed almost apologetic about the fact that they only had two selections--one that did the job entirely adequately and one that did the job just as entirely adequately. I chose the one that did the job entirely adequately, and did not choose the other one, which did the job entirely adequately.

The cost for my exertions was far from immense. It cost nearly four dollars to fix my radio reception. The installation was simiilarly not difficult. It took no tools,but only a little bit of attaching things to screws and then screwing things into place.

As I sometimes do, I wonder that I went a while with sub-standard radio reception that a drive to the store and a four dollar part would fix. It makes me want to focus on the other four dollar fixes in my life that I currently neglect.

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