Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

everything's coming up roses

Today I drove two hours into piney east Texas to meet my friend Gene at the Tyler Rose Garden so that we could go hiking. The roses were in peak condition, then we found ourselves watching a parade which featured madcap shriners on mini-cars and waving rose princesses. Then we went hiking around a wooded lake where flowers bloomed and leaves had begun turning. Then we went to a lunch buffet place which served all the sushi I could eat for 7 dollars or so. We had a grand time, and I have more to share, but this evening I will share a

Imagine tens of thousands of roses in the Rose Capital of Texas, blooming not only yellow but also red, orange and white

The garden featured a plethora of flowers besides roses, as well as a rather late hummingbird and worlds of butterflies.

We hiked in a pleasingly dense woodland.

Dreamy lake, dreamy day.

myriads of roses

the seasons change but the fun remains

Today was a driving day of dromedaries, shorthorn cattle and black-eyed susans.

This afternoon my wife and I saw "Flicka", a movie we both loved and which I encourage everyone to see.

Tonight I had snapper.

I love roses and parades and bagpipes and cars the size of riding lawnmowers.

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