Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

not a rapper

We slept in today, as we were both exhausted from various difficulties our respective weeks presented. We awoke to copious amounts of rain, a welcome deluge.

In the early afternoon, we visited the Heard Natural Science Center, for the last day of the Fall Native Plant Sale. A dozen tables of plants remained set up, despite the drizzly weather conditions. We purchased nine pots of native plants, on sale for fifty percent off. As I stood waiting for my wife to bring her car so that I might load the plants into the trunk, the rains began in earnest anew. I enjoyed getting soaked, and proved none the worse for the wear.

I went to Weight Watchers in the afternoon, where a week of diligence pushed me over the seventy five pounds lost mark. I am now within seven pounds of my goal weight, although the progress this year, while significant, tends to be of the three steps forward, two steps back variety.

In the early evening I created a remix of piece by an on-line acquaintance from Germany. I grabbed from CCMixter an a capella rap and a drum beat, and from the Freesound Project many
sound effects such as ambulance sirens and an explosion. The resulting remix features lyrics that do not represent any semblance of my own point of view. I am anything but a hip hop expert, but I think the backing setting I created works, even though I'm not much for aggressive lyrics. I suspect I apply a double standard, though, as "Baby's on fire" and "People who died" never "put up my antennae", but an overplayed gangster line about vaguely wanting to shoot someone makes my Martian senses come alive no less than would Dejah Thoris' sigh. I posted the piece on ccmixter. I plan to keep my day job.

I have been playing a lot with popims animation, but I am not yet a good picture morpher. I feel an animation coming on, to finish off a promised song video. All in good time; all in good time.

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