Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

stray notions

--life lived at one tenth megapixel resolution
--among the simple gifts is the gift of artless giftlessness
--living as a child does, as if small spaces matter and the clouds float with carefree profundity
--sheer diversion in the double ring of a small copper bell
--excuses for modernity: same day shipping, super hero stamps and an encyclopedic array of facts just a search away
--the idea of an odyssey north to the Caddo nation--talking to people who lived here before--touching the history of the land itself
--listening to judges tell tales of procedure and circumstance;
--Tuesday is the last day to register to vote in Texas--wishing I could get the word out somehow to everyone I know to register.

I had to miss one meeting for another tonight. I am an officer in one organization, so it was a necessary choice. I was to get an award at the meeting I missed--I'll be eager to see if it's a plaque or a medal. I still have my bronze Punt Pass and Kick trophy, "earned" at the age of 8 years old, when I was 3rd out of 3 competitors. We all need a little trophy sometimes.

I enjoy the district judges, who spoke tonight at the bar association. They're good people, and although they differ in party from me, I wish them all a good election. We don't have really ideological judges here in either party, for which I am thankful.

I must assemble a video animation this weekend, do interesting legal work, and, if possible, walk in the local botanical garden.

My friend, Fabien Claudel, from the good part of France (not that there is a bad part, really, but he is from a region I really like), kindly posted a new release of four songs he calls:
"GRDNARK", by Phoebus, one of his performing handles. It's available here for free download. I'm going to load the four songs into my mp3 player and enjoy them this weekend. It's really cool that this fellow I've never met, from France, and I have a kind of creative cross-synergy going. It's a good thing. Remix culture. Creative commons. Blend, share, learn, inspire. Measure boundaries in kindness rather than in copyright. License--legal,poetic, permission, assurance.

My collaboration with artist Jaff Seijas, who records as Anchor Mejans, is getting its finisihng touches now. It's neither ambient nor rock, but a mix of pieces with traditional sounds mixed among the electronica. It's even a concept album--about a cloud that descends on a town, and changes lives, fortunately without the use of pods or difficult children.

The word from Washington gets more odd. Sea change. Salt air. Arrows point to new magnetic poles?
We'll see.

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