Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

what I did on saturday

I rose quite early this morning, and filled the time by downloading mp3s from the Freesound Project. The Freesound Project, operated out of Spain by worthy folks, features 20,000 sound samples contributed under Creative Commons licenses for use without cost by persons who wish to use the samples. The sounds vary from field recordings to short foundations for music. I downloaded a few dozen such samples, and then used eleven samples, along with my "greensleeves" cover, to create a new remix which I posted on CC Mixter.

My wife and I stopped by the post office to pick up an awaited package, and then we drove to the Heard Natural Science Center to take a walk. We walked on the new Wood Duck Trail over wooden walkways above verdant lowland growth. One bridge crossed wetlands where a creek should have been. We saw numerous monarch butterflies travelling together there. We viewed the Audobon prints in the small museum, and heard a rattlesnake rattle its rattles in the wake of an insufficiently guided child putting a face near the snake's aquarium.

The small native garden in front of the heard featured Fall flowers in bloom and large giant swallowtail butterflies.
We then drove to lunch in McKinney at the Pantry. The Pantry is an old-fashioned downtown cafe in a huge former furniture-type store, where a line of people wait to place their order for home-cooked basics or quiche. I enjoyed a meal of beans and rice, while my wife consumed a handsome salad. Then we browsed the antique stores in this charming town of 25,000, which surrounded the old courthouse in a movie-like downtown square.

After a brief rest, we drove to the local IMAX theater in north Dallas to see the film "Mystic India". This fifty minute film engulfed us in images of colorful festivals, breathtaking scenery, imposing edifices, and an enchanting story-telling device.

We then stopped by a Dallas antique store, which had great used books at sadly too-great pricing. We met our friends Scott and Donna for an Indian meal at Chaat Cafe. I had a kind of tandoori wrap sandwich, termed "Desi-style" because its spicy nature apparently was considered more "Desi" (i.e., from the Indian subcontinent or nearby countries) than
the blander "standard" version. I found the Desi version rather tame but quite tasty.

We all talked,although I fear in such settings as loud restaurants I have a dilemma. I am rather opinionated. I dislike shouting my opinion over a din. When I fail to do so, though, I am hard to hear. I am not sure how to solve this dilemma yet, but it will be my new goal.

I am emptying mp3s from my player, having decided to cull back one set of songs and upload another. The wonderful thing about Creative Commons material is that there is a wealth of stuff in the genres I love available for free. I am enjoying the portability of tune and drone.

My dog Bea lies downstairs on the pillow on which my head usually resides.

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