Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Central Expressway

This morning I awoke at 4 a.m. Lacking anything more pressing to do, I began to create a music remix. I have been listening to a lot of cool minimalist chill lately from netlabel artists. I wanted to do something with some beats in it, as my ghastly, banal tragic present includes the fact that I like it that people podcast me more when I do things that have a good beat and can be danced about to by the imaginative.

I like it when my song shows up on podcasts. Why not write one with an automotive theme? It's true that such an effort might not win the universal love of my fellow remixers, who might want a song to have verve, imagination, and tons of synth lines.

Not me. I wanted beats, and cars. Beats and beeps. Beats and honks. Beats and sirens. Beats and traffic.

I wanted to take "Central Expressway", our clogged main artery, and put it into music.

If you wish, you can hear my odd but fun effort here:


I hope it pops up in a podcast about eastern European automobiles, or Austins.


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