Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

no 12 angry men

I live in a suburban county whose county seat is thirty miles north of Dallas. Monday I got summmoned for jury duty.

You might imagine, if you wish, that the space between this sentence and the prior sentence is the space in which I normally would discuss how lawyers never get picked for juries. I actually got picked as a juror once, in a robbery case involving gang members with names like "Mouse" which hovered somewhere between bad tv movies about gangland and Damon Runyon.

This time, though, I was a juror in the same sense that a three minute egg is an egg. I showed up at 12something for my 1:00 appearance time. At 1:03, they announced that all the cases settled, and we had done our jury duty. Color me pleased. Call me "Mouse".

I like doing my duty, but I must confess I like doing it in three minute doses, too.

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