Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

translation of old news

I belong to a Livejournal group called howdoyousay, in which people kindly translate things for one another. Sadly, I am purely a consumer rather than a helper there, as my own schoolbook German is so poor that while I can read a bit, I always write German websites in English, for want of sufficient vocabulary if one is asking for things other than
things to eat and places to stay. I put this here largely for my own archival purposes, as I don't ever lose my LiveJournal thus far.

Yesterday a user named willowsmarika joined the group and let us know she is a native Hungarian speaker.
I asked her to translate the "musician of the month" weblog post about me at by the talented artist hepepe. She gamely agreed, and her translation gives me a better idea of what was said than had a software tool:

"Gurdonark is probably the most interesting member of the ccMixter & the DiSfish Records. He wasn't interested in anything else, but his business. There isn't much more people who's more interesting. He uses free softwares, ' standard MIDI ' , & he likes the 'on-the-spot snaps'...

The best about Gurdonark is that he don't want to be an artist, he already is. There aren't poses, & he's a damn good editor, (he need to be, b/c he don't use a melody, tune, etc) . Never clearer avantgarde.
It could be good to talking to him about the small things of the big world, there, where he lives - on the verge of the prairie , a few miles away from Dallas. I think he could have enough patience for waiting me, while I 'm trying to tell him the things I want to say (with my East-European English). In all of his comments & letters, there's so much tolerance, not the "fucking-typic-american-necessity", NO. But, the truly understanding & open...
But the best is just lost in his music at a bad night. More than 1000 dorrs open, & I feel like I'm in some secret ritual, where aren't damn desires, passions, but calm, only sounds, only sounds, only sounds... "

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