Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

chill and the need for chill

Today the weather turned muggy. Rain did not so much threaten as linger as a vague suggestion under blue clouds. The humidity descended, though, and it felt more like July in Houston than September in Collin County.

We went to the men's department over at Penney's, where they chalked my new suits with the alterations. These suits were amazing--one huge, drastic mark-down sale for as little as forty to fifty dollars each. I got three for less than the price of one. I was pleased that my regular suit guy, who was out ill when I bought these, is back at the familiar stand. I worry when people go out ill for extended periods.

My mp3 player has 31 tracks in it right now--three ambient albums, plus 28 songs. Although on paper I am more into ambient than the minimalist beats and lounge smoothness of chill, I am listening to a lot of chill right now. It serves some soothing function, like jazz, only less busy. All 31 are Creative Commons licensed songs, which people made available for free download. I do not plan to put my whole music collection in a 40GB player, just yet, but instead to add and subtract to keep a few dozen things on hand everywhere.

We stopped by Radio Shack today, to pick up a USB cable, as Bea proved herself an avid consumer of music--cables. I had made do with a USB upload cable with tooth marks on it, but I finally broke down and spent too much for more little wires. I also bought a MIDI controller keyboard on a huge sale, which saved me a good bit of change. It's not as fancy as a real audio MIDI board, but it will meet my needs admirably as I learn Reason 3.0. I wonder if I will be happy in the long run switching from shareware/freeware solutions to more sophisticated software. There is something to be said for dollar store pencils and freeware children's drawing programs. At least now I will have a cheap way to get sounds dictated to my MIDI programs, without having to painstakingly notate music each time.

I took the dogs for a spin around the pond tonight. They did not get as many walks as usual during the very hot, dry Summer. Beatrice lost four pounds on her new health plan, after it turned out she had to go on medication for hypothyroid. She is a new dog, now--much more boisterous than ever, but still very sweet and fun.

We ate Vietnamese tonight at a new place, Zander's House, where the family who owns it lost their lease in Tribeca, an decided to move to warmer climes. If warmer climes was their goal, their desire was fulfilled today.

I want to tackle teaching myself animation software soon.

I am bored of copycat Columbine kids shooting up classmates or getting caught with bombs in hand. I mistrust dire contempus mundi pronouncements, as we have always had a minority of people with issues and of people with despair inappropriately vented. I believe, if I am not mistaken, that the worst school shooting dates from the Waltons-esque 1930s, not from today's era. Still, I wonder about a youth culture that causes some to glorify street violence, and others to think it's revolutionary to shooting spree a suburban high school.

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