Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Wood Duck Trail

This morning I went to the Heard Natural Science Center in nearby Fairview. I walked along its trails, through riparian woodlands and creekside wetlands, with smatterings of prairie admixed along the way.

I listened to my little pocket mp3 player, which was playing jfox's Experimental Works Volume 3 from
Intelligent Machinery Dot Net, a wonderful, somnolent bit of slow, dark ambience, which was a meditative, pleasant and leisurely listen, available as a free download (a higher quality mp3 is the grand sum of 1 dollar 50 cents).

To my delight, the Heard opened a new woodlands trail, the Wood Duck Trail, which uses a wooden boardwalk to give one an overview of wetlands. I had already had the delight of ample birdsong on the Hoot Owl Trail, and the butterflies hovering about the new mile-long wetlands trail was an added delight.This brings the Heard's public trail system up to four miles, which is a good morning outing.

I took some pictures.

Here's a picture of the way things really looked:

Here is the same picture, altered in my little bit of 10 dollar value software, Photo Masterpiece:

Here's an unretouched view of some Autumn flowers:

Here's a view of the little pond, or rather of lakebed in part of where the pond, now drought-diminished, "should be" right now:

I had a delightful time, as the mp3 player moved on to pieces by No Sushi, Lisa DeBenedictis, and Marco Raaphorst, all artists committed to making music more readily available in the Creative Commons. I also had uploaded a few of my own pieces, as I had never heard them from a portable player in this way. I was intrigued that I have a "sound", whatever that means. Finally, though, the player's little AAA battery ran out.

I departed the trail,but I will leave it with a fanciful look at a whimsical idea of what might have been:

I watched a video about bluebirds nesting, bought AAA batteries and Bazooka chewing gum at a Dollar Tree store, and then drove back to my home to get ready for work.

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