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call me silly, but call me

I love that 6 people on LiveJournal have listed Dorothy L. Sayers' wonderful mystery novel character Harriet Vane among their 150 interests. I think that Harriet Vane is grand--someone I'd actually want to meet. My "characters from fiction that might be fun to meet" list would include Ms. Vane, Ford Madox Ford's Christopher Tietjens, CP Snow's George Passant, and of course Bertie Wooster. That 6 people put HV on their interests list is just cool. She's perhaps the most attractive woman in any popular novel--though the author spends (rather too much) time assuring us she is physically plain.

Once I stumbled upon this bit of whimy, I had to play with the search engine a bit. I found 7 people have listed Harper Lee's challenged Boo Radley, from To Kill a Mockingbird, although the existence of a rock band by that name may skew the results. One of our dogs is named Scout, for a reason. Interestingly, something like 17 listed Eleanor Rigby on their interests list.

I'd put some pithy close to this, but I want to see how many people put "comfortably numb" among their interests.
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