Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

mitty moments

"My head is full of these rescue fantasies--I throw myself in front of bullet or machine. I am the one on the strong white steed. Come to my delicate arms of steel. You’ve made me into a superhuman girl, and while I may be delusional, slowly my delusions have all been coming true"...Lisa DeBenedictis song

My personal theory is that often people are far more heroic than they realize, and heroic in different ways than they imagine. I have several corollary theories, about how people become what they fear the most, about how that which neither makes us stronger nor kills us sometimes tastes good if served as (in, or with) oatmeal, and that things that seem so natural sometimes seem so just because we have forgotten the sheer struggles we overcome.

I think it's natural, too, to have Mitty moments anyway, as they are part of our story-telling heritage. I like to imagine great feats of good works or good will. In my dreams, I become much more charming and personable than ever I have really been. I think, in fact, that the key virtue of a weblog is as a kind of public confessional that one is really not all the things that one writes that one isn't.

If you could save someone or something, who/what/where would you save?

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