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ways of escape

asphalteden sent me a nice bit of reading material, entirely appropriate to the moment and yet unexpected. I am grateful. This will give me something to read on my upcoming brief business trip--a moment of escape from figures and business matters.

We finished the Shipping News video last night. This movie, combined with the novel The Colony of Dreams I read some time ago, renewed my interest in Newfoundland. I wish I could find time to escape there for a trip. In my mind it has a haunting quality, uncontrolled and yet beckoning.

sushimonkey posted a link to an on line coloring
program, and only a firm recollection of things to do prevented me from giving it a quick try. Coloring reminds me of first grade, when they posted the pictures we students had drawn by the principal's office. Mine were stick eagles. My best friend did a very lifelike take on the Iwo Jima photo.
Some people are born with it; some people are not. I think it is unfortunate when stuff like that pops up in memory, because my childhood was in the main extraordinarily happy. But remembering personal failings is so addictive. I would rather escape into warmer memories, like coasting on a bike at breakneck speed down the road on Bowen Hill, the tallest peak in town, but really just a large hill. How about those two home runs in Little League? Maybe winning the certificate for best student in Physical Education in tenth grade? A life of achievement, indeed. I'm a bit abashed by anything self-salutary or didactic I have ever said. Anywhere. Here. Elsewhere.

Might I have made different choices, and the goddesses cut me different thread? Ask them--they have the scissors. Me, I've got work to do, and a mighty thunderstorm is starting, which makes me ever so slightly high inside.

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