Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Clouds over Wichita Falls

Our television tends to stray over to the Texas cable network, which frequently features a Doppler weather radar. These radar images feature colorful green patches over a map, showing which towns get the cooling balm of rain. For some reason, the rain seems always to hover to our northwest, so that towns like Wichita Falls, Amarillo and Throckmorton get rain, while we continue with our sunny, drought-filled days. I wonder if it is all a metaphor for something.

I try lately to realize how many things I find "normal" in my life in fact result from the good fortune with which I've been blessed. I don't know what to make of that word "fortune", which, like its cousins "destiny" and "fate", proves so very useful as a word precisely because its exact meaning remains imprecise. Yet I feel the lightness--and the weight--of all the advantages and bursts of health and favorable situation with which I have been provided.

I rather admire people who keep water gardens in the desert. By this, I mean people who cut against the grain of what their "fortune" otherwise dictates, in a positive way. I notice that among my friends a kind of focus and a sense of disregarding certain inessentials seem to assist in this kind of achievement. These two things are no small things--it's always a challenge to escape the tintinabulation of one's own worries and fears.

I also like that it sometimes takes so little rain to bring a desert into bloom. People exist in droves, ready to germinate, to progress. All anyone needs is a little rain. Unlike in real weather life, a surprising number of people somehow make their own rain. Metaphors are curious in that way--they can escape the railings of their constructs, and turn into thundershowers made from molten sand.

I hope our local real-life drought subsides. Although it is not of the "cattle lay dying" variety this year, it palpably outwears its welcome. Yet I hope to live a bit more as if I am thankful for the abundant rain in my life--and solicitous of ways to help generate a little sprinkle in others' lives.

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