Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Threshed with Birds runs a great netlabel which releases lots of free-to-download electronic work by artists I enjoy. It's run by John Ingram, who lives in one of those many Virginia towns which are Richmond-ish.

Their latest offering is "Threshed", a compilation album by various artists, including Gurdonark. The album involves uses of their "Threshold" samples, which are a fun and curious set of sounds. My piece "Avigrace" closes out the album, and features my alterations of various samples from and nature field recordings from my trusty Olympus voice recorder.

It's all in that mildly experimental electronic vein in which I make music these days. Not quite good enough to be ambient, but workably weirdbient.

If you'd like to listen or download, it's at:

"Avigrace" can be heard by itself at:

I like mixing birdsong with electronica.

I also recommend the work by my myspace friend, Nakjaarna's "Carbon Lake", a minimal ambient drone piece

I've enjoyed Intelligent Machinery's offerings, and in particular the work of its artist jfox, so I am pleased to appear on this compilation.

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