Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

random note mode

1. A glitch in e mail receptions really enlivens a Tuesday.
2. If one must have problems, it is always better to have the problems one wishes to have. Case in point? More than enough work to do.
3. Tonight I watched the documentary about the intriguing Dane who flew from Copenhagen to Kabul, so that she could give a teen aspiring pilot a plane ride. Fascinating metaphor, but I could not help but wonder if the trip was genuinely worth the travel. Was it good cinema when the airlifted teen woman got airsick? I am still making up my mind.
4. I've always thought it was a shame that the rich kids all opted out of the 7 Up series.
5. Ogg, FLAC, and the various other open source music play softwares all intrigue me, and yet so often I find I have the wrong player for the right format,or failed to download some critical plug-in that makes everything work fine.
6. I was shopping today for which commercial LOGO program to buy, when I found that MSW Logo is now available for free download! It is now my own to use. I will be able to make my turtle not only draw pictures, but also play music. Now if I can find an open source or shareware program that will screen capture the result, and make it into a GIF. I will be able to make a movie!
7. I'm reading a Hardy Boys homage. I think that surprising amounts of my psyche resulted from
the Hardy Boys, the early works of Robert Heinlein, the Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series, and Little Women.
8. If books read in class were any guide, then my elementary school teachers found their psyches shaped by "A Day No Pigs would Die" and "Charlotte's Web".
9. My friend bardcat is on a whirlwind tour in which he walks with famous poets. I think that's a genius move--taking someone who is, in a measure famous, but not, in the "surrounded by crowds" sense famous, and sharing ideas. The closest I've come to hobnobbing with celebrity, I think, was the time at the State Fair when I saw the 6 a.m. farm show host talking to a man outside a barn.
10. I do like the networking aspect of Myspace, but I find the whole ambience there so different than here that comparing them would be like comparing mangos and mandolins.
11. This world has an awful lot of righteous indignation, trumped only by unrighteous indignation, with both causing frightening amounts of death.
12. Where is Will Rogers when we need him?

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