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friede runs an interesting journal. Thus, it was a deliberation of only a moment to participate in her "interview me" meme, despite my slight aversion to excessive meme-ing. I still have a prior meme to finish, from five weeks ago, but here goes anyway. It's the good, old-fashioned hymn version, and not one of those modern fripperies involving show tunes which rhyme "wonders of His love" with "stars in Heaven above".

Here are her questions for me,and my answers:

1. Tell me about the best possible day.

Answer: The literal answer here is something to do with peace on Earth. I choose to take the question from a different angle, though, and say that my best possible day involves a quiet walk,
twenty dollars in my pocket, rural scenery, intense discussion, and perhaps an isolated moment of
in which a light bulb flashes on in my mind, and the bulb is not merely shorted out.

2. Dinner party: 5 people on your flist, who, and why.


I would love to have a feast with my entire friends' list. I hope everyone likes tater tots.
I will choose five, not to "un-choose" anyone, but because I can think of five right off the bat.
This moment, subject to revision in the next moment, I'd choose asphalteden, as we are fated to meet, and we might as well have a meal. We would discuss ambient music but also the ever-intertwining down-to-earthness of everything. I'd choose nacowafer, because we have met and she is so charming and full of ideas, although, in fact, she does better in smaller groupings than sextets or larger. I'd choose queenseye, because no table is complete without at least two chessplayers at it, and because she and I are completely dissimilar and yet
always seem able to communicate. Perhaps she'd bring her guitar. I'd choose skygoodwill, because I know she likes the kind of intense dinner discussion I enjoy. I'd also choose friede, because she's interesting, full of life, pursuing a career in academia,and because she is, after all, rather indirectly the person responaible for the dinner.

These meme things are so very difficult and junior-high, though, as in fact, for example, the_lady_lily and gracegiver might "fit" better at a dinner with friede, while clearly rebirtha should be present at a dinner discussion with asphalteden. marstokyo and spleenless would compliment dinner with nacowafer like some odd but fitting chardonnay (which, by the way, I do not drink). Similarly, kelquestor and skygoodwill would be a very workable pairing of minds. I still think I'd rather have dinner with all of you, or, better yet, with each of you, one at a time, conversation mandatory, food fairly optional. microbie needs to come to Dallas, soon, so that my wife and I can grill chicken and steam tater tots.

This topic puzzles and delights me, aside from the usual fear that I listed only x out of x00 people which could cause feelings of omission I do not intend. Sometimes, I feel as though the people I know "well" are people whom I do not know at all. I'd like very much to meet ensenchiridion, because I feel we would communicate well,although in fact I know less about her than about many of my friends' list. I have met poetbear, voudoukween, and bardcat, and each would be more than welcome at my table anytime. I always find koffe easy to relate to, although it may well be that we will never meet. kenmora is a real-life friend, and I wish I took more often the opportunities to get together with his family.

The reality is that there is no real adding or subtracting one can do on such things. One can only be grateful for friendships achieved, and long, a bit, for more connection, more conversation, and even a little more time. I think that few experiences exceed a moment of truly successful communication, and no "thud" is duller than the "thud" I feel when I have said completely the wrong thing in a weblog situation. In the background, I hear Willie Nelson singing "to all the friends I've lost before".

3. Name a book you'd like to write: any genre.

Answer: I would like to write "The End of the Endless Prairie: A Visitor's Guide to Collin County, Texas"

4. If you could enter anyone's head, a la Being John Malkovich, who would you walk around as?
Among the quick: Professor Phillip Oliver, my torts professor.
Among the dead: Mohandas Gandhi

5. If you were exiled from the US, where would you like to live?
I think I'd be happy in British Columbia, in Canada.

If you'd like to be interviewed, write "entertain me", and post your responses either in the comments or in your journal, as you prefer. I'll write you 5 question to answer.
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