Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Walkin' in LA

A Missing Persons song of decades ago proclaimed that "nobody walks in LA", which is not really true, because the beach trails, hiking trails and public gardens are filled with walkers in this rather health-conscious city. Pre-dawn features more walkers than crickets.

It is true, though, that most people would drive the 34 blocks from downtown to Pho LA in mid-Wilshire. But I had not exercised much this week, so I decided to walk to dinner. I set out at 8 p.m., and walked past each of the following:

a. MacArthur Park, which had neither cakes nor rain;
b. Cardinal Josef Minzentky Park, which I can neither spell correctly nor place historically;
c. Lafayette Park, filled with playing children rather than the drug dealers that used to hang out there;
d. Maggie's Donut, near where I used to work, where I could buy a croissant and a scratcher;
e. some really cool looking Korean BBQ restaurants;
f. the Founder's Church of Religious Science, which I would call the "seat" of the faith, but actually, the faith is entirely located in the mind;
g. a stand where I could get an LA weekly to read; and
h. a really cool looking Honduran antijitos place.

The pho at Pho LA was good,and the kind men gave me an extra Summer roll appetizer because it was their last one.

I had to struggle a bit to find the red line train back, as I did not wish to walk in the dark, but finally I caught the train and un-did in just a few minutes what took 45 minutes to do. I don't know if this was better than lying in the pool, scanning the sky for hawks, but I can find hawks in Texas, but I can't walk in LA in Texas. Nobody does.

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