Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

4th show

On the shuttle drive from the airport into downtown, we could see fireworks bursting in the distance. Some were home-grown (and "undocumented") while others were obviously stadium shows.
The color green seemed to dominate most shows, rather than the traditional red,white and blue. I find myself fascinated with fireworks shows, and I enjoyed seeing them burst, one by one, as the shuttle rolled through holiday traffic,across the bridge, and into downtown San Francisco.

Once I flew cross-country on the evening of the fourth. As we rolled into night, we flew over each town's fireworks display. I enjoyed seeing rocket's red glare and bombs bursting through air from a mile high.

I love the Summer mornings in our back yard. The birds, including those at our feeder, make a chorus of song and non-song-like-bird-noise. I like to record these sounds with my little voice recorder--it's amazing how an inexpensive Radio Shack thing will do things with a fidelity one once had to expend massive sums to achieve. I put the birdsong to music, but, really, the birdsong sings for itself.

The thunderstorm that arrived just as I left the city provided such a relief. In the Summer, rain is what separates us from the worst July and August heat. This year, when the lakes are ten feet below their level, rain is essential. We are on stage 3 drought conditions, which means, roughly, water once a week and don't be foolish. But we are on the cusp of stage 4, when lawns cannot be watered, and all watery fun ends, pending rain.

I read most of a Nick Hornby novel on the plane, which I found entertaining. I also listened to Lisa DeBenedictis' "Tigers" CD, which I always enjoy, and an ambient CD by Solyaris. I have a full dance card today, and a flight tonight, but I am content.

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