Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

silence and drone

I like to hear and to create ambient music which fails to follow traditional song structure. I do not labor under the preconception that such music is particularly "experimental", as in the main such excursions are anything but experimental. I will sometimes use "experimental" as a placeholder term, because when one says "experimental", then the recipient of the communication will usually hear the term as "a bit odd", which is fine.

I believe that sound may be the eighth virtue. A way of making music that focuses on sound rather than melody appeals to me. The ninth virtue, by the way, is silence.

Some folks fret an awful lot about the whethers and wither of creative expression. I am all for categorization, thoughtful essay and assay, and the use of words to try to build thickets and clear them again. Yet so often time spent pondering an aesthetic might be profitably spent playing track 1.

This weekend I plan to pick up the current issue of Poets and Writers magazine, choose a contest, sort through things on hand and things easily created, and use the weekend and the holiday to enter whatever contest is on offer. Sounds. Silence. The old college try. I drone on, applying reverb and echo liberally.

Ambient Piece--Gurdonark: After-Image

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