Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Laser Top

I am like the Borg on that latter version of Star Trek, only much less effective and a good bit less off-kilter. When I find something which will add to my unity, I rapidly assimilate it. This week's assimilation into my singularity has been a laser top.

Lasers are one of those things that have undergone a renaissance since my college days. I remember being a physics student, when Alvin, the fellow who won everyone's admiration for being the most persistent science devotee notwithstanding the fewest economic and intellectual advantages, used to stand out in a crowd because he loved to talk at length about his heathkit-like toy laser. Now lasers are used everywhere, having, like pod people, taken over when nobody was looking.

The laser top cost an entire dollar from this place called a "dollar store". It is a plastic solid-state contraption in futuristic top shape. Inside, it has a small electronic circuit board. When it is spun, its circular base begins to emit an ever-changing spirograph of waving colors. I have now incorporated it into my wholeness. I want to make videos of its spin. I seem to recall that Alvin settled for a master's degree after he fell down the elevator. I myself barely passed University Physics III. But if one must pays one's money and makes one's choice, I pay one dollar, spin the laser top, and watch the colors swirl. I do not know if it even *is* a laser. I am pretty sure it is barely science. But it is a cool laser, and it makes me warm and Mr. Wizard, somehow.

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