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In the early morning, I downloaded a freeware program called UCB Logo and renewed an old, casual friendship with the programming language Logo. When computers came from Commodore and featured 64K of memory, one of my favorite programs was a Logo program. Logo is a language written expressly to be an educational tool, not only as a way to teach children about computers, but a whole lifestyle
about a way of thinking about spatial relationships, math relationships, and computers. Suffice it to say that my own ways of thinking this morning thus far amount only to getting the turtle/cursor, which has an imaginary magic marker on its back, to draw rectangles and other geometric objects.
I've been stymied in my efforts to cause the picture to change colors, and even in my effort to make a true turtle appear in place of the triangle on my screen. But I am a quick study, I find lately, and I plan to soon be making complex geometric shapes.

We went again to First Methodist of Allen. We chose to go to a Sunday school this time, an experience I had not experienced in two decades. We chose a class called the "Tomorrow" class, as the other alternative proferred was "seekers", which reminds me of an old Doonesbury cartoon.
The folks there were nice, and went to some pains to explain that they were not scriptural literalists, in case that bothered us. As I had mentioned to my spouse that we should find the class for lapsed Unitarians, we felt comfortable with the inquiry tone of the participants.
The church service featured that venerable hymn "marching to Zion", although my memory had it to be a Salvation Army style song along the lines of "Marching to Pretoria", but it is in fact a delicate "English hymn" march.

I went to Weight Watchers, and found that I had returned to losing ways, being down 8/10ths of one pound, which is a more than acceptable result in the wake of a vacation. A woman who began the program when I did stopped to compliment me, which was a pleasant surprise. I stopped by a bookstore afterward, hunting Logo books, but went away without even buying this month's "computer musician".

When we were kayaking in Canada lately, it struck me that neither the risk of loss of an expensive digicam or vidcam nor the relative expense of developing throwaway camera film was ideal. I decided to try out a lowest-budget video camera--the kind so cheap that one would not be heartbroken, let us imagine, if a canoe toppled into muddy Brazos River waters, or some other unlikely and untoward
thing took place.

I found that Ritz Camera had a "children's cameras" section with just what I wanted--a 25 dollar
small digicam that runs on two AAA batteries. I found it easy to use, and gave it a test-drive during a hike at Allen Station Park, near our home.

Here is the 1874 railroad dam which is the chief historical monument in Allen, Texas:

Here is a picture of the back yard sunflowers. The problem is that I was having so much fun with the photo effects in this software called Snapstickers, which came with my digital camera, that soon instead of a sedate sunflower, I had a charcoal sketch of the sunflower. Then I put it in MS Paint, and painted it up a bit, making this:

To my mind, this is more fun than fingerpaints.

My wife is making fresh mussels downstairs, and I must try once more to reach my father for Father's Day. A good Sunday night to all.

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