Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

weekend images

Trying in relative vain to fish when a thunderstorm rolls into a rural state park. Walking under huge cedars, watching giant swallowtails.

Remixing a guitar solo, an underwater synth pad and a bass-line into a rock song. Watching the animated Cars movie and loving every minute of it. Eating grilled catfish. Walking among Summer prairie flowers in one of the last remaining tiny patches of what once were millions upon millions of acres of tallgrass prairie. Strategizing website plans--free content, open source, google ads.

Buying 2 dollars' worth of birdseed at a dollar store. Watching a wet mockingbird glare. Listening to our 11 year old dog bark at the thunder at four in the morning. Buying the Cheerios with the blueberries in the box.

Catching small bluegill fish in rapid succession. Eating turkey barbecue just off a small town square. Driving through tiny towns with football team signs--"go Tigers!". Staring at teddy bears on unused 37 cent stamps. Listening to birdsong, longing for my Olympus digital recorder, which did a NAFTA on Canadian birds and is now needed to hire documented residents. Daydreaming about digital photography. Receiving e mail that Saturday's gift will arrive Monday. Reaching for a vegetable samosa and accidentally grabbing one filled with odd red-stained chicken.

Finding the morning paper absent. Thinking about a missing punch bowl, and also perhaps someday visiting Costa Rica to look at hummingbirds. Looking at an 8 track, saved from the 1970s. We all take tiger mountain by strategy, every day.

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