Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a prayer list

I was going to write one of those meme-like things, in which I wrote anonymously pithy little paragraphs about the many things I would hope and pray for each of my friends to have, receive, do, be or baste. Then I realized that for all my impressive girth of pith, the list of hopes and wishes for which prayer is appropriate is best done as a simple paragraph, and not as a personal display of gurdonarkian wit.

So here is my current list of things I wish for those out there in the netsphere:

healthy babies; peace with in-laws; peace with the passing of life; a finished dissertation; a prompt engagement ring; healthy, nimble, pain-free hands; hope; a smooth transition to singlehood; a less less frenzy; the loss of fifty pounds; the gain of self-esteem; peace with parents; a less wayward daughter; a new direction; a solid first, second and third acts; an album full of new tunes; reconciliation to what cannot be changed; open-ness to what can be changed; recognition for professional efforts; an end to jealousy; a moment's peace with the banality of the day to day--

a little spark of love, here and there; relief from boredom; a bit of boredom to leaven an excess of "relief"; not one but two completed certificates; a steady and rewarding practice; a little less anger; a little more trust; a little more caution; facility with anvilstudio; a completed science fiction story; a trip to the beach; a day without rampant mood swings; a little reality check ("check, please!")--

photographic opportunities with compliant southern hemisphere wildlife;
successful photoportraits of children; a new job, with time for night school for a new degree; a little less self-absorption; funds enough to live comfortably; more published poems; a better domestic situation; courage to break an old and cherished personal mold; reconciliation with parents; a good night's sleep--

less fear; relief from an incessant influx of eggs; publication and passion; the abatement of grief; finding home away from home; a rose in the wintertime; a butterfly landing on the hand; and, of course, love, always love, and peace.

If it could and can be!

Gurdonark remix: Unrested (Kayak Version), with poem by Melissa K, music sample by Shagrugge, and Rowing by Gurdonark..
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